Best Of Creative Screenwriting Magazine – 2020


2020 has been a year like no other, to say the least. We’ve tried to bring you an eclectic mix of articles to improve your screenwriting and enhance your career. Let’s take a scroll along memory lane and revisit the most popular articles of the year.

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1) 10 Most Common Reasons Why Scripts Are Rejected

2) Why The Film & TV Industry Needs Producers

Creative Screenwriting Magazine

3) 8 Types Of Opening Scenes To Make Your Screenplay Stand Out

4) What Makes A Good Scene In Your Screenplay?

Creative Screenwriting Magazine

5) Writing The Perfect Horror Screenplay

Creative Screenwriting Magazine

6) 10 Ways To Use Plot Twists In Your Screenplay

7) Why Casablanca Is Considered One Of The Best Films Of All Time

Creative Screenwriting Magazine

8) How Screenwriters Can Benefit From The Rule Of Three

9) Writing Effective Female Characters

10) 10 Ways To End Your Screenplay

May 2021 be fruitful for you all.

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