Creative Screenwriter is a writer-first development company

With the belief that stories can change the world, we find award-winning, exceptional screenwriters with original voices, who create commercial, entertaining, and socially relevant material across all genres. We are attached to all our projects (Features and TV) and work with our agent to sell them directly to buyers. The writer and buyer will negotiate a mutually beneficial deal for the work, with Creative Screenwriter Productions (CS) credited for our involvement in the facilitation process.
CS is a laser focused development company that has the ability to shepherd scripts specifically to meet individualized company mandates. Whilst also having the freedom to focus on finding the best material from all over the world and from any writer in the world, giving a platform and a voice to those whose story is often ignored, forgotten or unheard.
CS discovers projects through our partnership with the International Screenwriters’ Association (ISA) – a vast and varied membership base that consists of over 28,000 available screenplays from across the planet.